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Interactive Notebook for Social Groups

I do a lot of social groups with high functioning students. I'm always struggling to encourage participation and I think I've finally figured it out..an interactive notebook to go along with the lessons!! This resource is designed to be used with children with social communication skills difficulties, higher functioning individuals with autism, or social-emotional learning challenges. It can be used with a variety of client groups but specifically targets middle school to high school age groups. 

It is meant to aid therapists and/or teachers that run social groups in a more fun, engaging way with the use of an interactive notebook. This resource includes 13 mini-lesson plans and gives ideas and examples while teaching higher functioning language concepts. However, it is not all-inclusive as it is meant supplement your social group curriculum. Therapists and teachers are encouraged to add worksheets and/or change the order of lesson plans presented. 

Topics included are…
Lesson 1: Self-Assessment
Lesson 2: “About Me” Interview
Lesson 3: Strengths and Needs
Lesson 4: Personal Goal
Lesson 5: How to Self-Monitor
Lesson 6: Behavior Tool Box
Lesson 7: Expected vs. Unexpected
Lesson 8: Behavior Strategies
Lesson 9: Flexible Thinking
Lesson 10: Social Thinking
Lesson 11: Body Language
Lesson 12: People Files
Lesson 13: Having Conversations

There are so many interactive pieces...surely to keep the students engaged!

Self-monitoring forms!

Check this resource out here for 28% off Aug 1-2 ONLY!!

Speech Me Maybe
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Matching Non-Identical Pictures - An ABA Technique

Have you noticed a trend? I found some GREAT real photographs and have incorporated them into my new TpT materials. If you read my earlier post, you would know that I started working for a different company where my primary population is individuals with Autism. Using real photographs is a MUST.

Matching non-identical photographs may be more of an ABA technique, but it teaches some really important language skills such as:

Concepts Same & Different
Picture Matching

You can either use these as a file folder activity (perfect for independent center work)...


You can use them as flash cards...

Either way, I hope you enjoy them! You can find the full product HERE!

Speech Me Maybe
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Photo Language Prompts

Photo language cards are my saving grace when I'm working with individuals with significant language needs. They provide real pictures (unlike clip art) that children really respond and attend to. Most of the students on my caseload do not attend to clip art or line drawings yet and real photographs are hard to find!

That is why I have created 30 photo cards with language prompts. Each card has a story prompt on the front and a question prompt sheet is provided. You can specifically target these four areas:

1) WH Questions
2) Inferences
3) Verbs
4) Prediction

These cards also give students the opportunity to develop their own story about what is happening. All the while, targeting story retell, increasing MLU, verbs, and much more!!

Take a look at where you can find this new product HERE.
Speech Me Maybe
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Mystery Boxes - DIY Language Activity

As some of you know, I presented at the AZ SLP Boot Camp along with some great SLPs, Anne, Lisa, Sarah, and Laurel. As part of our conference, we set up centers where we made a "Make and Take" speech or language activity. At my center, we created a Mystery Box. This box can be used as a describing activity or a sensory activity. It's similar to the concept of "Ned's Head" however it cost UNDER $3. You'll need a paper box (or you can use an empty Kleenex box), scissors, foam paper, a stapler, and a variety of small items. Here's how you can make one.

Step 1:
Grab your box.

Step 2:
Cut off the lid or flaps.

Step 3:
Fold and cut foam paper making an X shape.

Step 4:
Staple foam paper onto box creating a lid.

Step 5: Gather items of different size, shape, and texture and put inside the box.

Viola! You're done! 

A funny story about these make and takes...
So, I bought enough materials to make 90+ make and takes for the conference. I bring the materials home, and frantically explain how nervous I am about the activity to my husband. I explain to him that I have to take the stickers off, the steps of making them, and how I hope everyone enjoys the activity, etc. The idea was that SLPs would actually MAKE these boxes at the conference and TAKE them home. The next morning (the day of the conference) I wake up to this...

My husband stayed up late making all of these boxes for me because he thought I had to make them and take them to the conference!!! All I could do is laugh (and frantically think about how I was going to make this work). Luckily, it worked out great at the conference because people were able to grab a pre-made box and talk about ways to use it in therapy rather than spend time cutting and stapling. So, if you grabbed a ready made box at the conference, thank my sweet, sweet hubby!! :)
Speech Me Maybe
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New Job...New Materials!

As some of you might know, I was presented with an amazing opportunity to grow my career with a new position at an AMAZING company. You know the best things fall into your lap when you stop searching…or at least that is how many great things start for me. I was happy with my current job, working in a school district at ONE school with a completely manageable caseload. However, I’m not one to be content and I love a challenge so…here I am.

This year I will be supervising and overseeing two SLPAs, having a caseload of my own, and working with a whole new group of people! The population this company serves is primarily individuals with ASD. Given that I have always had a mixed caseload from mild-profound disabilities, I am now focused on making new products to fit my current population.

Which means new products and FREEBIES for you!!
Speech Me Maybe
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Guest Blogger Post!

I am thrilled to be a part of Nicole Allison's guest blog post series, "Stepping Out Beyond Our Four Walls." Check out how I like to make connections and become part of the school community. 

Enjoy the rest of your summer!
-Speech Me Maybe
Speech Me Maybe
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