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OUTLOUD Timer 2 {App Review}

I am always looking for new ways to motivate the students on my caseload. One thing that I do with EVERY student is I use a timer for breaks. Almost every kiddo works off a token economy that leads to a one or two minute break. And as a side note, I find that the students are more attentive and cooperative if they have some input on how long their break should be. So, if you ask, “Do you want a one minute or two minute break?” they feel that they have some power over the situation.

I got to use the Outloud Timer 2 with my students in a one on one setting and it was a hit! Unlike the traditional digital timer, this timer provided some auditory and visual reinforcement. Here is how it works…
The home screen will pop up with two options: seconds or minutes. I really like this feature because it is easily customizable to what you’re doing.

Once you select how much time you want it takes you to the next screen. This is probably my favorite part of the app. Your student can draw the path that the penguin will follow. It can be curvy, straight, or even spell a word. It’s a really cool feature!

Once you draw the path, the countdown begins. During this time, the penguin follows the path all the way to the tent. You can see the countdown in the bottom right corner, which my students absolutely need so I’m glad that is a feature. Something else that I like about it is that you can pause the timer just by clicking on the screen.

Finally, once the penguin reaches the tent and the time is up, you will hear an applause and stars appear on the screen.

Not only did my kids enjoy the stars but also it changed their perception of their break ending from a not-so-positive thing to “Hey! That’s cool,” perspective.

Pros to this app:
1)It’s a new, “fun” way to take a break. My students enjoyed drawing the path for the penguin to follow.
2)Provides visual and auditory feedback.
3)Students seemed less made when their break time was over as they walked back to the table to see the penguin reach the tent.
4)Easily accessible and quick…no more work than setting the timer on your phone.
5)Ease of use. It took me a total of 2 minutes to figure out all of the features.

Cons to this app:
1)Limited to one scene. Meaning its two screens and that’s all. So, while that makes it easy to use, there isn’t much to it besides a pirate penguin walking to a tent and the same background image! Even though he is cute. ☺

The developers of this app are giving 3 away here. Just comment below on how you would use this in your therapy room.

Please note that this app review was provided for Outloud. All opinions are mine.

Speech Me Maybe
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  1. Love that my students would be able to visually see how much time is left. I would use this as a reinforcer for doing working hard in speech and rewarding positive behavior

  2. This is a great idea. I hope they add more scenes. I love using timers in therapy as well. It could be used in the reverse way to help keep kids at the table while working on a more challenging task or as "how many times can you say your sound before he gets to the tent".

    1. Reni this is a great idea! Thanks for sharing! Email me at speechmemaybe@gmail.com to receive the promo code for this app! Congrats!

  3. This would be so great for my autism classroom kiddos. Both in my therapy room as well as in the classroom! Would also be great to have them write the first letter in their names, and let them watch the penguin as reinforcement as it traces the letter. So much simple fun!

    1. LOVE this idea! Email me at speechmemaybe@gmail.com to receive your promo code for this app! Congrats!

  4. This may be exactly what I need for a student who has difficulty when break is over.

    1. Lisa, email me at speechmemaybe@gmail.com to receive the promo code for this app! I hope it will help this student. :)

  5. We'll think about adding more screens, thank you for the idea, guys! / Valeriya, Outloud Apps team


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