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Safari Week!

I went to San Diego for vacation last week and visited San Diego’s Safari Park. It was such a great time and it has inspired me to have my own safari in my speech room! I have created a comprehensive speech and language packet that will target a variety of skills and last me all week!

What's Included?

Pages 3-7: Safari Articulation-- targeting phonemes (k, g, f, v, s, z, sh, ch, r, l) These are say and dot worksheets with safari themed vocabulary words!

Pages 8-11: Safari Phonological Awareness Activities-- Worksheets targeting initial sound matching, blending, and syllable counting with safari animals and lots of visuals! Just print and go!

Pages 12-15: Safari Compare & Contrast-- Compare and contrast worksheets with safari themed visuals. Have your students fill in the blank and come up with similarities and differences on their own!

Pages 16-17: Irregular Past Tense Verbs-- Fill in the blank with the correct verb using the given words. Your students must switch the present tense verb to PAST tense.

Pages 18-19: Following Directions with Basic Concepts:--Targets following directions embedded with basic concept words.

Pages 20-25: Safari Main Idea-- Read the passage or have your students read the passage and identify the main idea and three key details!

Pages 26-28: Find the Monkey—Students will identify prepositional words and find the monkey!

Pages 29-32: Irregular Past Tense Verbs-- The student reads the card and corrects the underlined verb to make it past tense. You may use these cards with the interactive game board and SNAP cards as well.

Pages 33-36: Compare & Contrast-- Use these to identify similarities and differences between each picture. Aim for 3 similarities and 3 differences with each visual. You may use this as a game and incorporate the game board and SNAP cards.

Pages 38-41: Listening Comprehension-- The student draws a question card which will tell them what they need to know about the story. It will either be main idea, a WH question, or give 3 details. The SLP reads the story aloud and then follows up with either, “What is the main idea?” a WH question of choice or, “Give me 3 details about the story.” Use the game board and the SNAP cards to turn this into a fun interactive game!

Pages 44-48: Sequencing-- The student reads the carrier phrases at the beginning of the story. They finish the sentence and draw a picture to illustrate the story. They continue this with transition words: First, Next, Then, and Last paired with illustrations. You may then work on story retell. A visual is given at different steps in each story so that they have an idea of what is happening or what they could write a story about.

Pages 49-53: Cause & Effect-- The student either identifies the cause (why it happened) or the effect (what happened) and illustrates a picture with a short sentence.

Pages 54-57: Negation-- The clinician reads the card to the student. The student identifies the one that is NOT and points to the correct picture.

If you want to join in on the fun, you can find this product here at my Teachers Pay Teachers store!
Speech Me Maybe
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